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In Memory of Starr
Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats

Getting to Know You Ratty

"Pet rats take the "s" out of pests" - inspired by Robyn -

Our Rats' Wild Cousins
Rats living wild, born free, with a page on keeping wild rats out of your home

Our Domestic Pet Rats
From the wilds, to the labs, to the pet market

From Rags To Riches - Wild Rats Find New Homes As Pets
- Heiri: Rattus Norvegicus Finds Health and Acceptence In A New Colony
Baby, Girl, Honey, and Sweetheart: Rattus Rattus Girls Find the Good Life In The Big Apple
Ikeola: A Pretty Name For A Pretty Rattus Rattus Girl

Awesome Ratty Anatomy and Biology Coming Soon
Will include "How Long Do Rats Live?" and "The Over 2 Club"

Chocolate is dangerous for dogs and cats, but rats can enjoy a little chocolate now and then. Mmmmmmm, Chocolate

Rats Do the Craziest Things Coming Soon

The Difference between Rats and Mice Coming Soon

Pets Page
Links to other Pet Sites. Will your Rats get along with other pets?

Wildlife Rehabilitation with pages on how to care for orphaned baby and adult Rats


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