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Wildlife Rehabilitation

It is not recommended that you keep wild animals as pets, but at some time, you may come across an abandoned or injured wild animal that needs your help to get it back to it's wild way of life.
It is not un-heard of, however, that some wild animals become very human-oriented when nursed back to health. Squirrels and Chipmunks can become very tame and continue to live around your backyard, expecting their daily treats and cuddles that they have become accustomed to. Wild Rats can become excellent pets when raised from infants, or rescued from near death.
I myself raised two robins and two white-tailed deer when I was a teenager.

Wild Animals as Pets?...Why the Answer is Always No?

What Is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

Some good links to help you find a Rehabilitation Center:
The Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory What you should do with injured wildlife.
Animals Voice International Rehab Websites.
Wildlife Rehab Links Local Rehab Websites.
Wildlife Rehabilitation Online

How to Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator A listing of contact people by country and state.
I know of some friends who would be glad to talk to you about caring for wild critters.
Nancy raises baby squirrels. Nancy works with the Northeast Texas Rescue/Rehabilitation, which is licensed by the state and two counties, and is affiliated with the Audubon Society.
Jennifer is raising a litter of wild baby rats.
Moca has worked at a wildlife rehab center.
Taby has rehabilitated wild rabbits

Becoming a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Health Concerns to be Aware of When Working with Wildlife Animal to human diseases.

It is recommended that you check with your State or Province regarding permits and laws to rehabilitate wildlife.
Texas: Regulations Regarding Wildlife Rehabilitation
California: CWC's Operating Permits

What is 501c(3)?
It is a form that is filled out by a non-profit organization and then registered with the IRS. A rehab group should file for non-profit status if they gross more then $5000.00 per year, or, if the rehab group wants to take contributions and/or donations from individuals and offer them a tax write-off. For a non-profit group this involves a lot of financial paperwork that the group must turn in every year to show that they are not turning any profit.
More reading:
Non-profit Charitable Orgs.
IRS Charities and Non-Profits
Can I get Government Funding For My Non-profit Project? (Canada)

Some specific animal rescue information
Australia's Wildlife: Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc.
Bats: Bat World
Opossums: The National Opossum Society
Owls: The Raptor Conservarcy of Virginia
Raccoons: Gable's Raccoon World
Sea Turtles: Sea Turtle Rescue
Seals and Sealions: Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre
Skunks: S.K.U.N.K.S. Scentral
Song Birds: For the Birds
Squirrels: Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation
Turtles: Massachusetts Turtle Rescue Inc.
Whales/Dolphins: If You Find A Stranded Whale Or Dolphin

Saving the Best 'Til Last:
Adopting the Wild Norway Rat
Caring for Orphaned Baby Rats or Mice
Raising Orphaned Rats


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