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In Memory of Starr
Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats

Other Great Rat Sites

"Rats are such thieves - they steal your heart" - Jenny -

These are a few of my Fa-vor-ite Links.
When my rat squeaks, 'cause he can't speak, when I'm feeling down.
Then I can go to my favorite links, look up this rat stuff and go hug my finks.
And then I don't feel so bad.

Adorable Rats
Simply adorable!

American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association
Breed standards, general care, and much more.

(bclee's) RATS!
Brian's perspective on rat care.

BellaRatta's Nest
A classy place for information and rat art.

Care of Mice and Rats
Information from the Minnesota branch of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Inc.

Eva's Rat Page
Eva Johansson's rat care information. Also information on other small animals.

Excaliber Rodents
An Australian point of view on rat care.

Fat Rat Central
One of the most helpful sites for domestic rats

Federal Bureau of Rats
Is your Rat a wanted criminal?

Introduction to the Rat Race
Excellent information on Rattus Norvegicus and Rattus Rattus as pets.

Just the Rats Ma'am
Loads of care and medical info
Wow! Over 1000 links in useful information!

Pet Rat Information Sheet
Loads of information from the UK.

Pet Rats at Suite 101
Jane Adamo's Rat Care Corner.

Pet Rats Canada
A website about and for Canadian rats.

Rat and Mouse Fanciers for Excellence
Identifying breed standards and colors.

The Rat and Mouse Club of America
A great source for identifying breed standards, colors, and health issues.

Rat Fan Club
Debbie "The Ratlady" Ducommun's web club.

Rat Sauce
A fun and informative site.

If you love pet rats - you'll love RatStuff.

The Ratlist
A discussion group of over 800 members. You must be a member of YahooGroups to access this information.

The Ratlist Newbie Pages
A resource for those who are new to rat ownership and new to the discussion group known as the Ratlist. A compilation of personal experiences of "The Friends of the Ratlist".

Rats Are People Too
A light-hearted but serious look at ratkeeping.

Another great source for rat care.

Ratty Corner
In celebration of rats as pets.
Welcome to the new site, now with over 600 photos.

Recreation: Rats as Pets
Links gallore!

RodentFancy (formerly Myomorpha)
Alicia Gangi's rat care pages.

The Dapper Rat
The charming, cheeky, fun side of rat ownership. Excellent rat photography.

The Small Animal Pages
Welcome Rat Aficionados

Virginia's Rat Page
An excellent source of rat care and rat health compiled by Virginia Simpson of the Ratlist.

Welcome to My Rat Page!!!!!!!!
An information depot.

Welcome to Rats O'Hooi
A very pretty site with articles, a photo gallary, graphics, and more.

The Wererat's Lair
Kristin Johnson's awesome website "were" useful information lurks.

The Whole Mouse Catalog - Other
There's Rat stuff here too.

Where rats are the artists

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