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Most people who own pet rats also have other pets. I searched the internet to find the best information (in my opinion) on the care of the most common and not so common pets. You can also check out these pet sites to compare other pets with rats to make sure that having rats as pets is the right choice for you.

You will notice that reptiles, most amphibians, and insects are not included on this page. Wild and Semi-domesticated animals, that require the feeding of live rodents and/or "humanely euthanized" rodents, will not be listed here.

You will also notice that extremely exotic animals are not here either. In my opinion Fennec Foxes, Monkeys, Bobcats, Wallabies, Flying Foxes, etc., are not pets....they are wild animals, and none of them have enjoyed sharing their lives with us humans, unless they have been forced to.

With that said, enjoy......

Are you ready for a Pet?

Which Pet to Get?

Which Pet Rodent is the right pet rodent for your family?

Pet Ownership Declaration

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Hamster Haven A complete guide from Sirian to Dwarf hamsters
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Once Upon a Hamster A children's show from the UK. Those in the know will notice that "Martha Mouse" is really a rat
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Sun Valley Llamas Not Just a pack animal and a producer of wool, but also pet as well
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Super Newt

African Dwarf Frogs

Exotic Nutrition Company Diets for sugar gliders, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, skunks, and chinchillas

National Alternative Pet Association (NAPA) Supporters of any and all animals being kept as pets. Be careful here, there are a lot of wild animals that should never be kept as pets.

Do Rats Get Along With Other Species of Animals Kept As Pets?

For the most part the answer is NO!!! Rats are both predator and prey. Anything that is smaller then the rat can be killed and/or consumed by the rat. Anything that is larger then the rat will view the rat as a potential meal, or at the very least, kill the rat in defense of it's own life.

Rats and Other Pets

Rats and insects (needs a story) Rats love to hunt insects....and eat them. Rats have been known to catch flies around the house. If you have pet bugs your rat will view them as a meal. Tarantulas and scorpions can kill a rat.

Rats with mice This can happen just as easily with with hamsters, gerbils, and dwarf hamsters.

Rats with birds And a large bird can kill your rat.

Rats with cats This can happen just as easily with dogs, ferrets, skunks and raccoons.

Rats with reptiles and amphibians (needs a story) The rat might kill a reptile or amphibian that is smaller then itself, either in self-defense, or in thinking that the animal is food. Larger reptiles and amphibians would view the rat as food. Rats have been known to to do some major gnawing damage on a reptile in self-defense. Turtles and tortoises could give the rat a nasty bite.

Rats and fish (needs a story) I have heard that rats can be entertained by having a school of fish to watch, but make sure that the rat does not have access to an open aquarium or bowl of water. He/she might fall in and drown.

Rats with rabbits and guinea pigs (needs a story) Rabbits and Guinea pigs seem to tolerate the rat better then other pets. But I would still not leave them together unsupervised. Both guinea pigs and rabbit have big teeth with which to bite an offending rat, and a rabbit packs a powerful wollop in their kick.

With every rule there is an exception. Every animal has it's own personality and tolerance level for another animal unrelated to it's kind. I have four cats and a dog and out of the five, I would only trust two of the cats in the rat room, under my supervision. My youngest male cat "Devin" has even played "Hide and Seek" or "Tag" with two of my bucks. My older female cat "Charma" just likes to roll on the carpet to pick up rat scent. I have a picture of her giving one of my does a good grooming and on another occasion she shared food from my finger with another buck. I wouldn't even dream of leaving these cats alone and unsupervised with free-ranging rats. All I ask is that you use the same commonsense with your pets.

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