Rug Rats
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The Rug Rats
aka The Shades of Blue Rattery Rats

SBR Cafe au Lait --- "Laite" (pronounced Lah-teh)
aka Angelica, Latty
Born: July 25/2003
Pedigree says that she is a Chocolate Smoke Berkshire Satin Dumbo Doe, but as an adult she looks like a Lilac Berkshire Dumbo Doe
Laite, being the oldest, 5 weeks old, had to live with "those dumb babies" and she established her rank as Alpha early on and has maintained it. She puts her foot down with new additions to her group, but then they are readily accepted with careful introductions. Friendly and outgoing and a bit silly
RIP Laite February 19,2005
Asperation Pnuemonia

SBR Baby Doll --- "Babs"
aka Chuckie, Baby Doll, Bobbles, Bubbles, Babsy Wabsy
Born: August 10/2003
Pedigree says that she is a Platinum Bareback w/Head Spot, Pink-Eyed, Satin, Top-Eared Doe, but as an adult she looks like a Platinum-point Himalayan, Top-eared Doe
Babs, is the most cautious of the bunch, willing to let others make the first move to see that all is ok before venturing forth. Always the last to be caught when being put back into the cage after free-range time. Babs is friendly and sociable with me
RIP Babs December 03,2005
Bumblefoot, mites, numerous tumors

SBR Doodle Bug --- "Doodle"
aka Tommy, Lambykins, Bug
Born: August 12/2003
Half brother of Natty
Pedigree says that he is a Black-eyed White (BEW) Velveteen Dumbo Buck, but as an adult he looks like a Mis-marked BEW Double-Rex Dumbo Buck
At 6 weeks of age Doodle lost most of his hair except for that which adorns the top of his head and his scrotum. When his hair grew back in he sported a blue patch of color on the left side of his face and another rings his left ear
Doodle, is always busy and the most inquisitive of the Rug Rats. With his nose to the ground, he meanders like a beetle without a care in the world. He's confident, laid-back, gentle, and sweet as can be
RIP Doodle June 12,2006
Ravages of old age

SBR Natural Miss --- "Natty"
aka Lil, Flea, Bratty
Born: August 14/2003
Direct sister to Sunny
Only 3 weeks old when she came home with me
Pedigree says that she is a Pearl Merle Velveteen Dumbo Doe, but as an adult Natty looks like a Blue Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo Doe
Where a Rex coat is short and curly, Natty's coat is longer, thick, wavy, and feels like a plush crushed-velvet material. It's a coat that you would very much like to touch. Natty also has a distinct ridge of short, flat, hair that grows along her spine.
Natty has a squeezeably soft look about her. A short, triangular head gives her a baby rat look. She is so sweet and so friendly
RIP Natty September 28,2005
Chronic Myco

SBR Sunny Bleu --- "Sunny"
aka Phil, Blue-boy, Fuzzlit, Sonny-boy
Born: August 14/2003
Direct brother to Natty
Only 3 weeks old when he came home with me
Pedigree says that he is a Blue Variberk Rex Dumbo Buck, and as an adult he IS a Blue Variberk Rex Dumbo Buck
Oh boy, look at Sunny now!!!! From a tiny, tottering, infant to this big, boofy boy! Sunny is even bigger then Doodle. Sunny is rather independent in nature, aloof, laid-back, very much into himself (I think he's conceded), and friendly. Sunny loves to inspect and nibble fingers that come through the cage bars. Sometimes he gets a little grabby for food and toys that come his way
RIP Sunny June 21,2005
Chronic Myco

The SBR rats when they were babies

RIP ratties can be seen here

Their bodies held in storage in the freezer, awaiting this day,
these SBR Rats were cremated, their ashes mingled,
and returned to me, November 17,2006


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