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The Rats from
Shades of Blue Rattery

Monday, September 01, 2003
With the help of a friend I travelled 45 minutes to Regina and brought home 5 babies from Shades of Blue Rattery owned and operated by Nathalie Boudreau. I bruxed and eye-boggled at all the gorgous rats, but alas I could not take them all.

One boy was already reserved for me, a Blue Variberk, the others I got to choose for myself, and oddly enough, I kept picking out babies that were not already reserved for others. Upon first contact via e-mail I asked Nat for 2 boys....then I decided on 2 girls and 2 boys. The fifth baby was a gift from Nat while I was at her home.

Nathalie is a breeder who specializes in Pearl Merles, a 2 year breeding endeaver, having taken over from Ryan Wunch from Leader Saskatchewan. My big boy HGR Jordache Forever in Blue Jeans "Jordi" was purchaed from Ryan? Nathalie's Pearl Merles come from Jordi's lines. He was the first generation of Pearl Merles bred in this province. In 2 years Nathalie has vastly improved the merled coat. A move to a small apartment does not allow Nathalie room to continue the breeding program. The Rattery is closing and these beautiful Pearl Merles and others are going to breeders and pet homes in the USA tomorrow.

The babies I brought home are ages 3 weeks to 5 weeks old. I would like to say that bringing home babies as young as 3 weeks old is not a good idea unless you have experience. I've had rats since 1997 and I've raised 5 litters of rats since that time. I feel that I have the facilities and the know-how to raise this babies properly.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Their names came to mind quite quickly and in appreciation to Nathalie's 2 year breeding program of Pearl Merles I wanted my Pearl Merle girl to be named after the breeder. Thus, we shall name this girl SBR Natural Miss, Natty for short.

Natty's coat is much longer then her Rexy brother (Sunny) and feels softer to the touch. Her whiskers are curly, but, they too, are much longer then a Rex's. At first I thought Natty had dirty feet, but on closer inspection I discovered that even her feet are merled. Yeah, she has zebra-striped feet and toes. Natty is my finger nibbler and boy, she has a good set of choppers...Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Sunny is a very Rexy boy with a short curly coat and tightly curled whiskers. He is so tiny. Smaller then his sister Natty, he appears, in maturity, to be more like a 2 -3 week old baby. Sunny loves to sit in my hand. Just crawls on up to do his grooming.

Natty and Sunny's mom is a Blue Double Rex. Her coat is so short that she looks like a naked rat with peach fuzz. Their dad is a gorgous, medium-sized, Pearl Merle. He's the sire of all of the babies for the past 4 litters.

Babs is the most independent of the 5 babies. She prefers to be allowed to be picked up, rather then walking onto my hand by herself. She's the first one to try new foods.

Doodle is my Black-eyed White (BEW) Velveteen Dumbo Buck. Again, a much longer coat and whiskers then Sunny. Doodle is a very active boy. If there is any wrestling and popcorning to be had, you can be sure that Doodle will start it. This evening he kangaroo kicked Sunny into the wall of the cage during one his bucking bronco popcorn fits. Poor Sunny, just picked himself up, shook off the embarrassment, and commenced to grooming.

Laite (pronounced Lah-teh) my Chocolate Smoke Berkshire Standard Dumbo Doe. A chocolate topcoat with a white undercoat, when she moves the colors undulate. And her coat is soooooo soft. I have lost count as to how many times this girl has peed on me. At Nat's home I was christened with poo too. I swear, I have been marked for life in just a few short hours. Laite was Nat's gift to me.

The babies already use a bathroom corner!

At first I was worried about little Sunny. He didn't seem to know how to drink baby formula from a saucer so I fed him by dipping my finger into the formula, moving my finger closer and closer to the food until he was lapping on his own. He caught on pretty quick. They've also had teething biscuits, bumbleberry pie babyfood and soft, green hay.

All of these babies are a well socialized, very friendly, popcorning, bruxing, wild bunch, and I'm happy to welcome them as Spaz Rats.

September 09,2003 Update

L. Babs, R. Doodle



T. Laite L. to R. Babs, Sunny, Doodle

L. to R. Babs, Doodle, Laite, Sunny, Natty R. Babs, Doodle, Laite, Sunny (in shadow)

T. Laite L. Doodle R. Natty

L. to R. Sunny, Babs, Laite T. Natty B.Doodle

T. Sunny, B. Natty

Partial Pedigree

(full pedigree to follow shortly
Update: Never did receive full pedigree
Breeder broke all contact with rat community)

SBR Natural Miss --- "Natty" --- Born August 14/2003
Pearl Merle Velveteen Dumbo Doe

SBR Lily -- Blue Self DoubleRex Dumbo
SBR Tobiath -- Perle Merle Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo

SBR Sunny Bleu --- "Sunny" --- Born August 14/2003
Blue Variberk Rex Dumbo Buck

SBR Lily -- Blue Self DoubleRex Dumbo
SBR Tobiath -- Pearl Merle Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo

SBR Baby Doll --- "Babs" --- Born August 10/2003
Platinum Bareback w/Head Spot, Pink-Eyed, Satin, Top-Eared Doe

SBR Opal -- Pearl Irish Velveteen Top-Eared
SBR Tobiath -- Pearl Merle Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo

SBR Doodle Bug --- "Doodle" --- Born August 12/2003
Black-eyed White (BEW) Velveteen Dumbo Buck.

SBR Patches -- 2Toned Black Broken Capped Velveteen Dumbo
SBR Tobiath -- Pearl Merle Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo

SBR Cafe au Lait --- "Laite" (pronounced Lah-teh) --- Born July 25/2003
Chocolate Smoke Berkshire Satin Dumbo Doe

Falcon Ridge Beauty -- Pearle Merle Satin Top-Eared
Falcon Ridge Smokey -- Silver Black English Irish Velveteen Dumbo


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