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W h a a a ' s    U u u u p ?

W h a a a ' s U u u u p ?

Travel With Leif Around the World For
Rats In The News

How did this page come about?
When I had first seen the above picture in the package of developed film, I gave it the caption, "Whaaa's Uuuup?". On the evening that Leif passed away, January 8,2004, I was returning to the computer in the basement after having gone upstairs to have a good cry and splash my reddened eyes with cold water. In my absence my husband had taken my seat at the computer and as I had reached the middle of the staircase he turned to me and said, "Whaaa's Uuuup?" I don't recall my husband saying those words to me before........freaky! I could not shake this coincidence from my mind and a couple of days later I was inspired to have Leif be the spokesrat for news about rats from around the world.

January 06, 1990, From Vancouver Canada,
Squishing Sniffy - Artists busted

December 01, 1998, From Stuttgart Germany, Heroic rats

December 06, 2002, From Toronto Canada, Leave the rat at home

August 04, 2003, From Tanzania Africa, Sniffer rats to find African mines

August 13, 2003, From San Diego USA, Encinitas man faces rodent cruelty charges

February 24, 2004, Toronto Canada, The wonderful legacy of Marcedes the rat

March 01, 2004, Tanzania Africa, Rats help sniff out TB

March 28, 2004, Washington USA, Merchandise was ratty, but no one cared

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