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In memory of Jenny and Heide
This image is dedicated to the memory of Lisa Jenny and Heide Walsh, friends to rat-lovers and rats alike, who are now taking care of our babies at the Rainbow Bridge

"My Heart Will Go On"
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The Over 2 Club for the Dearly Departed
May 2005

This list of departed rats over the age of 2 is devoted to Ratlisters' and Holistarat's rats

No one is ever forgotten as long as there are those who will remember them

President Starr, in spirit (because she said so)
Vice President Oz, in spirit (for his accumulated wisdom)
Treasurer Zorak, in spirit (for his stashing ability)
Secretary Sandra (human forced into labour)

Purpose: To love, honor, and cherish the memories of those who play over the Rainbow Bridge


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Over 5 Over 3 Over 2 Nee-Nee 2yrs.6m.
Ask-it 5+yrs. Allegra 3+yrs. Abigail 2+yrs. Niki 2yrs.4m.
  Ben 3+yrs. Abraham 2yrs.11m. Nissy 2+yrs.
  Bizzy Lizzy 3+yrs.1m. Albert 2yrs.7m. Nomar 2+yrs.
  Bonnie 3+yrs. Alex 2+yrs. Oggy 2yrs.6m.
  Demi 3+yrs. Alice 2+yrs. Otter Rose 2+yrs.
  Fraulina 3+yrs. Alvin 2+yrs. Paige 2+yrs.
Over 4 Frederik 3+yrs. Angel 2yrs.4m. Panda 2yrs.2m.
Dreamcatcher 4+yrs. Gala 3+yrs. Aphrodite 2+yrs. Papercut 2yrs.2m.
Grumpy 4+yrs. Gretel 3+yrs. Arushia 2yrs.6m. Patton 2yrs.7m.
Lotus 4+yrs. Grommit 3yrs.4m. Athena 2yrs.6m. Pembleton 2+yrs.
Pika 4+yrs. Kyra 3+yrs. Balzak 2yrs.3m. Petey Pie 2yrs.2m.
Kegosa 4+yrs. Leonardo 3+yrs. Benjamin 2yrs.4d. Phoebe 2yrs.8m.
Fink 4+yrs. Lily 3+yrs. Benny 2+yrs. Pooh 2yrs.6m.
Moochie 4+yrs. Malcom X 3+yrs. Biscuit 2+yrs. Princess 2+yrs.
Boo 4+yrs. Mikey 3yrs.9m. Bliss 2+yrs. Pumpkin 2yrs.9m.
Diggy 4+yrs. Oz 3yrs.9.5m. Blueballs 2+yrs. Pye 2yrs.8m.
Harpo 4+yrs. Peeve 3yrs.10m. Breakfast 2+yrs. Ralph 2yrs.11m.
Mr. Rat 4+yrs. Priscilla 3yrs.1m. Butterscotch 2+yrs. Roderick 2+yrs.
Boris 4+yrs. Puffalumpimus 3yrs.9m. Buffy 2yrs.2m. Rodney 2+yrs.
Skittles 4+yrs. Ralph 3+yrs. Caffeine 2+yrs. Roo 2yrs.6m.
Zyuzin 4+yrs. Reggie 3+yrs. Caleb-Sabastian 2+yrs. Rosie 2yrs.2m.
Rosie 4+yrs. Sagitta 3+yrs. Casanunda 2yrs.8m. Sabrina 2yrs.2m.
Jeckyl 4+yrs. Scary Spice 3yrs.6m. Celeste 2yrs.1m. Samantha 2+yrs.
Indy 4+yrs. Snowball 3yrs.6m. Celia 2yrs.7m. Samuel 2+yrs.
  Snowhite 3+yrs. Cera 2yrs.6m. Sara 2yrs.8m.
  The Chocolate Rat 3+yrs. Charlemagne 2yrs.7d. Saria 2yrs.8m.
  Troy 3yrs.2w. Charlie 2yrs.9m. Savant 2+yrs.
  Zeus 3+yrs. Chedder 2yrs.6m. Shelley 2yrs.1m.
  Lil' Dude 3+yrs. Chester 2+yrs. Sidney 2yrs.5m.
  Simon 3yrs.3m. Cleo 2yrs.8m. Silky Spice 2+yrs.
  Coonie 3+yrs. Cleo 2+yrs. Sim 2yrs.5m.
  Screaming Mimi 3+yrs. Clown 2yrs.10m. Smudge 2yrs.6m.
  Rattex 3+yrs. Coco 2+yrs. Snoopy 2+yrs.
  Mouse 3yrs.1m. (Sandy's) Coonie 2+yrs. Snowy 2yrs.2m.
  Beethoven 3+yrs. Curry 2yrs.2m. (Sandra B.) Snowy 2yrs.
  Dagwood 3+yrs. Dale 2+yrs. Sophie 2+yrs.
  Rattrap 3yrs.2m. Damia 2+yrs. Spot 2+yrs.
  Flora Bunda 3+yrs. Dapper 2+yrs. Squeeker 2+yrs.
  Pudge 3yrs. 6m. Delphinus 2+yrs. Spanky 2+yrs.
  Worm 3+yrs. Doodle 2yrs. 9m. Spice 2+yrs.
  Moya 3+yrs. Dustyroo 2+yrs. Starr 2yrs.5m. (Sandra B.)
  Gratch 3yrs. 2m. Edie 2yrs. 7m. Stella 2yrs. 6m
  Teensa 3yrs 2.5m. ("cats") Elmer 2+yrs. Stiles 2yrs 6m.
  Winter 3yrs. 1m. Ffiona 2+yrs. Sven 2+yrs.
  Mo 3yrs. 6m. Francie 2yrs.7m. Tag 2+yrs.
  Vic 3yrs.3d. Fred 2+yrs. Tallulah 2yrs.3m.
  Jenny Sweet Spice 3yrs.6m. (Karen's) Frenzy 2yrs.6m. Tamlin 2+yrs.
  Dom Dom 3yrs.2m. Frost 2yrs.3m. Tavy 2+yrs.
  Petey 3+yrs. Gerald 2+yrs. Terd 2yrs.6m.
  Snowflake 3yrs.1m. Gentleman Jim 2+yrs. Thelma 2+yrs.
  Beanie 3+yrs. (Karen's) Goliath 2+yrs. Thing 1 2+yrs.
  Scarlet 3+yrs. Grizz 2+yrs. Tim 2+yrs.
  Qassiopia 3+yrs. Gus 2+yrs. Toby 2+yrs.
  Lily 3yrs.3m. Hades 2+yrs. Travis 2+yrs.
  Pumpkin 3+yrs. Heihei 2yrs.6m. Truffle 2yrs.6m.
  Plimp 3+yrs. HenryEdwardRat 2+yrs. Wellington 2+yrs.
  Binky 3+yrs. Hummus 2yrs.3m. Whisper 2yrs.8m.
  Cagney 3+yrs. Iggy 2yrs.9m. Widgeon 2yrs.7m.
  Maxine 3+yrs. Iria 2yrs.3m. Wilbur 2+yrs.
  Sweety 3+yrs. Isaiah 2+yrs. Willow 2yrs.5m.
  Groucho 3yrs. 6m. Isis 2+yrs. Zacky 2yrs.5m.
  Oprah 3yrs. 6m. James 2+yrs. Zena 2+yrs.
  Pounce 3+yrs. Jazmyn 2yrs.9m. (Sandra B.) Zeus 2+yrs.
  Amice 3+yrs. Jeffery 2+yrs. Zippo 2yrs.8m.
  Gus 3yrs.5m (Chuck's) Julius 2+yrs. Dekoda 2yrs.8m.
  Kylian Just 3 Kahlua 2+yrs. Nervatia 2yrs.5m.
  Calliso 3+yrs. (Clivia's) Kate 2yrs.1m. Peanut 2yrs.6m.
  Princess Annie 3+yrs. (Karen's) Kerlin 2yrs.6m. Tippy 2+yrs.
  Curly 3+yrs.(Elizabeth's) Knight 2+yrs. Miss Hadley 2yrs.9m.
  Black Jack 3+yrs. Kodak 2+yrs. Tildy 2yrs.7m.
  Aeromere 3+yrs. Kylian 2+yrs. Frodo 2+yrs.
  Juniper 3+yrs. Lal 2yrs.5m. Ghost 2+yrs.
  Muffy-the-Vampire-Rat-Slayer 3+yrs. Lily 2yrs. Pepsi 2+yrs.
  Gus 3+yrs. (Sarah) Lestat 2+yrs. Anchovy 2yrs.3m.
  Skittles 3yrs.3m. (Lynn) Little Rose 2yrs.6m. Babette 2+yrs.
  Mikey 3+yrs. Lola 2+yrs. Bailey 2+yrs.
  Meena 3+yrs. Louie 2yrs.3m. Belle 2+yrs.
  Samantha 3yrs.6m. Louise 2+yrs. Chuffy 2+yrs.
  Xanthe 3+yrs. Lucifer 2yrs.8m. Dakota 2yrs.8m.
    Lucky 2yrs.3m. Fizz 2+yrs.
  Owen 3+yrs. Luke 2+yrs. Gobo 2yrs.5m.
  Snowball 3+yrs. Lulu 2+yrs. Mira 2+yrs.
  Stoli 3yrs. Marcedes 2+yrs. Rogers Wrat 2yrs.4m.
  Biscut 3yrs.6m. Matilda 2+yrs. Splash 2+yrs.
  Bumpus 3yrs.20d. Max 2yrs.1m. Templeton 2+yrs.
  Stewart 3+yrs. Meglet 2yrs.8m. Ricki 2yrs.7m.
  Ross 3+yrs. Mel 2+yrs. Armond 2+yrs.
  Baer J3 (Sandra B.) Mika 2yrs.6m. Evie 2yrs.1m.
  Mink 3yrs.4m. Min 2yrs.11m. Freiden 2yrs.6m.
  Sulley 3+yrs. Mindy 2yrs.5.5m. Rogue's Sterling 2yrs.8m.
  Ashanti 3yrs.4m. Mister Honey 2+yrs. Stuie 2yrs.6m.
  Chloe 3+yrs. Molly 2yrs.5m. Tippy 2+yrs.
  Snowy 3yrs.6m. Molly J 2+yrs. Victoria 2+yrs.
  Maggie 3yrs.5m. Momma 2+yrs. Xerxes 2+yrs.
    Montana 2yrs.3m. Wendy 2+yrs.
    Monty 2+yrs. Scottie 2+yrs.
    Moonbeam 2yrs.1m. Talia 2yrs.2m.
    Mushe 2+yrs. Abby 2yrs.6m.
    Natalie 2yrs.3m. Bexley 2+yrs.

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