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wake up to the truth

The Spaz Rats Do Not Support The Following:

Why? Too much evidence of in store cruelty to animals
Petno Where the pets die
PetCo Sucks
The PETCO Boycott
Who was Eadie?
Petno - PetCo, where the pets suffer A Yahoo Group to discuss PetCo issues

Yes, there are exceptions (provided by members of the Ratlist):
Dallas, Texas, on Casa Linda Plaza, at the corner of Buckner Blvd. and Garland Road. It's a wonderful place, staffed with people who love and understand animals!
There is a GOOD PetCo in Waterford, CT.
PetCo at: 160 East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
PetCo at: 1919 El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040
These stores and their animal enclosures were very clean, the rats were priced high enough that they would be unlikely to be purchased as feeders, and the staff had great affection for the rats. The Mountain View store has only male rats so that accidental pregnancy is avoided
PetCo in Pasadena on Arroyo Parkway. The small animal clerk is very knowledgable and is a rat owner himself. He truly cares about the outcome for these little ones
Several PetCo Stores in Phoenix, AZ. They have been very knowledgeable and helpful with clean, well organized stores
Two good PetCos in Michigan. One is in West Bloomfield, Michigan where the rats are treated like gods and all of the small animals are treated well. The rats are sold as pets. The other PetCo is in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Why? One of PetCo's outreach programs
PetCo's partners

Proctor & Gamble
Why? Continue to support needless animal experiments for cosmetic purposes
Uncaged Campaigns

Iam's Pet Food Company
Why? Cruelty to animals to provide food for our pets
Uncaged Campaigns

Practical Pet Care
Why? I came to the following conclusion from my own experience and from the experiences of others that have talked to me via e-mail concerning PPC, including private e-mails from those who are/have been involved in this site themselves. I found PPC to be a condescending group with a small number of "Experts"/"Moderators", among the more professional ones, who quarrel among themselves over grades and critiques and who's right and who's wrong. This same small number is easily provoked into attacking "Users" and other "Experts" alike with rude answers, insults. sarcasm, and be-littling.
On a positive note, I have found some of the information provided to be accurate, albeit somewhat overboard. You will get your answers, and good answers too, if you can get past the blunt, cold, unfriendly, air that surrounds this site.
I'm on 42 different discussion forums and any one of them can give you information that is just as accurate only in a warm, friendly, manner that will make you want to come back again, and again.
PPC On any forum of this site you can browse the posts to see what I mean. I think that if the "Experts"/"Moderators"/"Users" involved can become as compassionate towards humans as they are towards the animals that they care about, and quit bickering among themselves, and with others, this could be a really great Site.

Disclaimer: Many pet websites are listed with Practical Pet Care's Pet Topsites and are recognized by a PPC logo on their first page. If one of these websites has been linked to the Spaz Rats Website it means that I have found this site to be the best on the internet, not that I support PPC.

Disclaimer: The Spaz Rats Website is listed in Practical Pet Care's Pet Site Directory. This has been done without my direct permission, and even though I wish it wasn't so, the general search engine picks up and links all pet-related sites. Again, this doesn't mean that I support PPC.

Update, June 2004: Many of the Experts/Moderators/Administrators of PPC are harassing a new all-pet website and it's related discussion forum called Personal Pet Advise.

Puppy Mills and Kitten Mills
Why? Overproduction of animals for the pet market without care as to their health or fate. The only care considered is profit
No Puppy Mills Canada (USA)
Rosie Animal Adoption - Puppy Mills
Kitten Mills
Pet Stores and Puppy Mills
Pet Stores/Puppy Mills - A Poem
Why to buy from a Breeder?

1 - 800 - RATHELP
Why? Owned by Gilbert H. Wendt, a sadistic former member of several rat-related forums
Just a few of his posts to these forums included, but are not limited to:
Saying that he was going to Chloroform his rats if we did not help him re-home hundreds of his pets.
Performing the major operation of amputating a rat's leg on his kitchen table, supposedly with the instructions of his vet over the telephone.
Gilbert is not a veterinarian, but the information that he provides would make him appear to be one.

Update, June 2004: After abandoning his rats in his home, leaving approximately 200 rats to be picked up by the authorities, and sent away to be used as reptile food, Gilbert posted on his own forum, "So now I will have a chance to start over and only breed two litters at a time, keeping a max of two per litter. At last I am in control of the breeding!!"


Marshall Farms and their associated product line
Why? Largest Ferret Mill in the nation and cruelty to these animals
Marshall Farms

If you know of anything that belongs on this page, E-mail Me. Please provide proof, a web link or something. My own research into the submission will determine whether or not it gets put up on this page. As far as I know the information on this page is accurate. Information to the contrary is accepted.


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