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'What a little angel! 
(or not)'
Used with permission
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"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
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Monthly Angels
January to April 2010
From 2002 to 2005 this page was a labor of love where I devoted a lot of time and a lot of tears bringing all of the Angel Rats to one place to be remembered and respected by the members of Holistarat and The Ratlist. And then, sadly it became a burden as my requests to the members to bring forth their Angels went unheeded and looking through hundreds of e-mails to find them on my own became too much work. I decided in 2010 to bring this dead page to life again and devote it to my own beloved babies, The Spaz Rats, loved by Sandra Beasley (aka spazrats). Keeping this page alive is the easiest way I have found to tell the world how much I loved them.

For those who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge, I will remember you:

Tao - January 9,2010

Eight of 10 of Doni's newborn pups - February 09 and February 10,2010
Hai - February 12,2010
Nui - February 25,2010
Mutt - February 27,2010

T-Rex (Trex) - March 12,2010
Two of 3 Runts in Cranberry's litter - March 22 and March 23,2010

Yin - April 07,2010
Quaren - April 09,2010
Ziggy - April 11,2010
Yue - April 12,2010
Pickles - April 14,2010

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To the Other Pets In My Life:

Colby, beloved Maine Coon cat, February 18,2008

'What a little angel! 
(or not)'
Used with permission
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Losing a beloved pet is hard enough, but losing a human family member as well............... This section of Monthly Angels is in rememberence of them

Ed Hayward, beloved Grandfather, 2000
Nell Hayward, beloved Grandmother, 2006

Sleep well, over The Rainbow Bridge, without pain, without worry. Live again now in perfect health, in perfect harmony,.....and wait for me, until we meet again.

Whisker Kisses and Ratty Hugs.


Taratoo - 
Sage's Niece 5 times removed

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