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E'lain's Hershey's Kisses
Born February 05,2001

1 day old
1 day old. Totally helpless, they huddle together in a world of their own. If mom rat will let you, you should be already handling the babies.

3 days old
3 days old. Their senses are developing as they check out their immediate environment.

5 days old
5 days old. They are very interested in what's around them, but their legs are not strong enough to carry them too far.

7 days old
7 days old. A sheen develops over the whole body as their baby coat comes in.

9 days old
9 days old. Their eyes are not even open yet, but they are ready to go places.
Feb. 14, we celebrated Valentine's Day

10 days old
10 days old. Fully coated now and absolutely delicious to handle. They've started some haphazard grooming of their own bodies. Their sense of smell is already developed and their nose alone can guide them on unsteady, but willing legs.

14 days old
14 days old. They're eyes start to open today and over the next 24 hours their vision clears. They seem a little perplexed at this new-found sense, even though their vision will never be their best asset. They're mouthing adult rat food, but they don't seem to know what to do with it yet.

21 days old
3 weeks old. Not ready to leave mom yet, but they do everything an adult rat can do, only in that cute, awkward, fumbling, baby rat way. They are very curious and eager to explore their world, and they will try anything once, or twice, or three times, or........

28 days old
1 month old. Not quite independence day. In another week and a half the boys can go to live with a adult male to learn how to be a boy rat. The girls can stay with mom to learn how to be girls.


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