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DreamQuest Rodent Ranch
Used with(out) permission
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More DreamQuest Rats

Varieties, colors, and markings, of the following rats were determined with the help of RatsPacNW Rat Fanciers Club
Unless otherwise stated the rats have Dark/Black eyes

I had reserved Dotti and Ratsami from DreamQuest Rodent Ranch located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, just 45 minutes from my home. My plan was to breed them when they came of age.

It wasn't easy picking out just two from two gorgous litters, so I asked the breeder to help me select two unrelated babies. Arrangements were made with someone who delivered my babies to me the evening of September 16,2005, along with two girls for my favorite pet store, Paws 4 Purrfection. The girls, named Blue Girl and Simone, are sisters of Ratsami. I delivered the girls to P4P the next morning. Much to their delight.

Pedigrees were pending but unforeseen circumstances impeded their developement.
Images of Baby Dotti, Baby Ratsami, Janisa, TC, Syeira, and IC, courtasy of Deb of DreamQuest Rodent Ranch

Dotti's Mom, Janisa

Dotti's Dad, TC

Baby Dotti
Dotti 12 days old

Ratsami's Mom, Syeira

Ratsami's Dad, IC
RIP IC July 02,2007
Passed away peacefully in his sleep

Baby Ratsami
Ratsami 13 days old


DQRR Poka-Dotti
aka: Dots
Born: August 06,2005

Russian Blue, Dalmation Capped with a headspot, Standard-coated, Dumbo, Doe

Personality: Wild and crazy girl. Absolutely dotty in an endearing way. Appropriately named, as a youngster one of Dotti's favorite games was to popcorn (leap about) around the cage pinning and power-grooming each of her cage mates in turn. Some days she would get all of them. Other days some would not cooperate. Other games were during free-range time. She would run along the wall as fast as she could and leap-frog over anyone in her way. Or she would just plow through a crowd of rats with her, "look ma, I'm a bowling ball", impression.
Dotti has matured into a quiet, charming, lady rat.
So named for the single colored spot on her rump, but as Dotti has gotten older her coat has developed more spots
RIP Dotti December 28,2007
Uterine tumor, prolapsed uterus
DQRR Ratsami-Chuan
aka: Rats
Born: August 05,2005

Seal-point Siamese, Standard-coated, Dumbo, Buck

Personality: As a young rat he had a quiet, calm, gentle personality, but Ratsami has a bit of the devil in him ever since he was bred with Dotti. He's loaded with testosterone and cannot live with other males. Some days, when he is over-wraught with the smells of the other boys' scent-markings, he goes into a frenzy of scent-marking around the rat room himself. At these times he gets huffy with me, though he's never bitten me, and doesn't look like he intentions of doing so. He now lives with a spayed female and a very old female as cage mates.

Rats squeals like a big wuss when I try to catch him to put him back into his cage after free-range time, but he settles into my arms once I've caught him.

I like the way he is. It makes him a strong, outstanding, personality in the rat room. He's my macho boy, and he's never boring

Rasami-Chuan is a Thai boy's name. I added the "t" to make it Ratsami, and he like to "chew on" (Chuan) my clothes.
RIP Ratsami January 09,2008
Ravages of old age

RIP ratties can be seen here

Their bodies held in storage in the freezer, awaiting this day,
Dotti and Ratsami were cremated, their ashes mingled,
and returned to me, January 22,2009


DQRR Gaisha

Black-eyed Siamese, Satin, Dumbo, Doe



DQRR Akili

Champagne, Berkshire, Lightening-Blazed, Standard-coated, Top-eared, Doe



DQRR Sanura

Silvered Russian Blue, Berkshire, Lightening-Blazed, Standard-coated, Dumbo, Doe


RIP ratties can be seen here


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