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Chrissy's Sugar Dumbo Gang
Born July 20,2002

1 day 3 days

5 days 7 days

9 days 12 days

14 days 16 days

18 days 21 days

22 days

At 1 week of age there is a dramatic size difference between the largest pup (Ravin-female) and the smallest pup (BamBam-male) in the litter. The largest pup weighs 20 grams and the smallest pup weighs 12 grams.

The Sugar Dumbo Gang is 4 weeks old

Baby Baer Baer - Big, black, rexy boy. Reminds me of a Black Bear. He's the third largest pup in the litter after his brother Gilligan who weighs 80 grams and his sister Ravin who weighs 81 grams. Baer weighs 73 grams

Baby BamBam BamBam - Little, black, rexy boy with a white, pointing down arrow on his belly and an exclamation point on his chest. BamBam is the tiniest pup in the litter, weighing in at only 49 grams

Baby Cherry Cherry - Champagne self, rexy, girl. Cherry has brilliant, Marachino Cherry-red eyes. Cherry weighs 52 grams.

Baby Junyer Junyer - Champagne berkshire, rexy, dumbo, boy with ruby eyes. A squishy, playful, giggly, little boy. Junyer weighs 62 grams

Something was wrong with the flash on my camera and the pictures of Naomi F (50 grams) very hyper girl, Ravin F (81 grams) very shy girl, Shaggi F (73 grams) very cooperative, Gilligan (Giddeon) M (80 grams) afraid of the flash, and Wesley M (51 grams) difficult subject, did not turn out.


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