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Win My Award

the Tooty Award

The Spaz Rats are just chittering with delight
that we now have an award of our own to give to excellent rat websites.
I have given the job of browsing your website to Korelle.
She will nibble through the pages and get back to me.
with the name of your website, the address, and one sentence that describes your site,
and Korelle will do the rest.
We apologize in advance for the complimentary "raisins".
Please be patient, it could take some time. Koral likes to scurry to the pictures first.

Spaz Rats Award Recipients 2003:

KuddlyKorner4u - A fun and informative site and the home of "The Layman's Medical Guideline For Use in Rats".

Royaloaks Rattery - Dedicated to the perminant residents of Royaloaks and the rescues that find temporary refuse there before being rehomed to loving, caring families.

Garic's Rats Rattery - A new rattery that has just opened in Maryland.
This website is no longer on the internet

RooBear Rattery - Specializing in top pet and show quality rats.
This website is no longer on the internet

Nitros Fancy Rats - Breeders of Dumbo and Top eared Fancy Rats and based in England. The site also has information about Housing, Breeding and Feeding.

The Rat Space! - A site that has been designed to bring rat owners and people with general interests in rats together.

Gottaspoilem Furkid Designs - A site dedicated to our ratties and handmade critter comforts.

Lauren's Rats - A brand new personal site just begging for attention.
This website is no longer on the internet

Ratz - For the love of rats - A The title says it all. Love abounds in ratty stories and pictures.
This website is no longer on the internet

Pet Rats Photos - A photo contest where you can submit a photo and/or vote for the most photogenic rat each month.

Claire's Rats - A Site about Claire and her rats.

Spaz Rats Award Recipients 2004:

Welcome to my Ratty Site - A fun site from a rat-lover in the UK.
This website is no longer on the internet

Rats Rollover - A fun and informative site for those who have just found rats to be the best pet ever.

Spaz Rats Award Recipients 2005:

Melanie's Rat Page - This site is dedicated to my rats!!
This website is still on the internet, but most of the images are gone.

Spaz Rats Award Recipients 2007:

The Spaz Rats have had their first request to give an award to a Pet Mouse Website.
The Spaz Rats award is specifically for pet rat websites and getting an award for "an excellent rat website" would look weird on a mouse site. I browsed this site and found it to be adorably cute, utterly delightful, a smile a page, easy to navigate, lovely to look at, and had gorgeous mice pics, and I knew they deserved an award.

the Tooty Award

So here is your special Spaz Rats excellent mouse site award.

Here there Be Mice - A site that takes a light-hearted, humorous look at owning pet mice.


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