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apple dumpling and icecream

The Sugar Dumbo Gang
Born July 20,2002

Mom: Chrissy
Dad: S'isko
Grandmother on Dad's Side: B'bet
Grandfather on Dad's Side: Nog
Great Grandmother on Dad's Side: E'lain
Great Grandfather on Dad's Side: Baeli
Great Great Grandmother on Dad's Side: Sage

Accidental litter.

Cherry Cherry
aka Cherry Bomb, Cherry Baby, Choo-Choo, Cerise
Born: July 20,2002
Champagne Self Rex Top-eared Doe
Cherry has Marachino cherry-red eyes
Very outgoing and friendly
RIP Cherry, February 12,2004
Cherry's death came as quite a shock. I had no idea she was ill, but she must have hidden it well. I found her body entangled in the blanket bedding during a cage cleaning. She had been dead 24-48 hours when I found her

Naomi Naomi
aka Nee-Nee, Nanny, Nanners
Born: July 20,2002
Mis-marked Champagne-hooded Standard-coated Odd-eyed (left-ruby, right-red) Blazed Dumbo Doe
Very outgoing and friendly
RIP Naomi, October 10,2004
Naomi choked on a dry piece of food from the Suebee Diet, and shortly thereafter developed symptoms of respiratory distress. I believe that Naomi died from aspiration pnuemonia

Ravin Ravin
aka Mugwump, Rave
Born: July 20,2002
Black Berkshire Standard-coated Dumbo Doe
Incredibly shy, and reserved. You'd hardly know that Ravin was around, she's so quiet and unassuming
RIP Ravin, June 27,2004
Benign mammary tumor

Shaggi Shaggi
aka Shags, Sugar, Shaggadelic, The Rat Who Shagged Me
Born: July 20,2002
Lilac Self Rex Top-eared Doe
Doesn't like to be handled
RIP Shaggi, December 20,2003
Malignant Mammary Cancer

BamBam BamBam
aka Boomer, Bammers
Born: July 20,2002
Black Irish Rex Top-eared Buck
Very outgoing and friendly
RIP BamBam, September 17,2004
Chronic Myco

Giddeon Giddeon
aka Gilligan, Giggles, Giddy
Born: July 20,2002
Russian Blue Standard-coated Veriberk with a Headspot Top-eared Buck
Shy but easy to handle
RIP Giddeon, October 17,2004
Chronic Myco

Junyer Junyer
aka June Bug, Squish, Junner, Ju-jube
Born: July 20,2002
Champagne Berkshire Rex Dumbo Buck with Ruby eyes
Ultra squishy, friendly, big mush, he could be a daddy any day. I would have liked to have bred Junyer but early in life he was showing signs of respiratory ailments. He's one tough ratty and bounces back every time
RIP Junyer, May 27, 2004
Chronic Myco
Wesley Wesley
aka Westie, Westerly Wind, Chunky Cheese Please
Born: July 20,2002
Silvered Lilac Mis-marked Irish Standard-coated Top-eared Buck with Ruby eyes
Hates to be handled, too busy exploring
Wesley is overweight, LOVES his food, has a mild head tilt, and REALLY hates to be handled. Wesley sleeps deeply and soundly, and he sleeps more then his brothers.
RIP Wesley, September 11, 2004
Wesley developed the Parkinson's-like disease that afflicted his cousin T'tianna. In the end it was as if one by one his body's systems were shutting down, and he may even have had a stoke. He was blind and deaf.

Baer Baer
aka Bruhn, Boo Bear
Born: July 20,2002
Black Self Rex Buck
Very outgoing and friendly
May 28,2004: Baer is looking old, like an old man who is not aging gracefully. With age his body and rexy coat are both getting thinner. Hind-end paralysis is setting in. Baer is outliving his cage mates but enjoys the company of any other rat.
Old Baer This is the last picture taken of Baer December 2004. He is 2 years, 5 months old in this picture

Baer (RIP June 29,2005 ----- The ravages of Old Age) The last of the Sugar Dumbo Gang has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

RIP ratties can be seen here

Their bodies held in storage in the freezer, awaiting this day,
the Sugar Dumbo Gang were cremated, their ashes mingled,
and returned to me, August 19,2005


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