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Rescuers and Humane Societies

Little Loveables Rats N Rescue

Rodent Rescue Manchester (no website at this time)
Contact Cynthia
Specializing in rats, some foster homes will also take in guinea pigs and rabbits

Moose Jaw Humane Society
Rats available occasionally

Regina Humane Society
Rats available occasionally

Saskatoon SPCA
Rats available occasionally

Ratty Paradise - Volunteer, rescue, chat, shop!
Home of "" and ""

DreamQuest Rodent Ranch (no website at this time)
Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
ContactDeborah or Robert
Will take in rats, mice, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, hedgehogs, and rabbits

Bay Area Rats Rescue (website in progress)
Located in Marin County, North California, USA
Will provide a forever home. Specializing in special-needs rats

Yolo County SPCA


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