Activated Charcoal
[buy it]
You suspect that your rat has consumed something toxic, including rat poison. Use half a capsule mixed in a teaspoon of Raspberry Jam. Let the rat eat as much as it wants.

Baby Aspirin [buy it]
For the immediate relief of pain and swelling. Use 1/8 to 1/4 of an aspirin, crushed and mixed with a little Karo syrup.

Bach's Rescue Remedy [buy it] or its equivalent Five Flower Formula [buy it]
For anxiety, stress, depression, and shock. In an emergency give straight from the stock bottle. Give 1 drop by mouth, or rubbed into the back of the ear, once every 5 minutes, until results can be seen.

Bag Balm [buy it]
Medicated salve for minor cuts, scratches, and abrasions It's safe for cats, must be safe for rats.

Baking Chips
Chocolate, Yogurt, or Carob. Lots of treats will be needed during a treatment of first-aid. Can be used as a gauge to see how sick your rat is.
Chocolate has been known to help breathing in wheezing attacks.
Yogurt just tastes good.
Carob can help with constipation.

Bene-Bac [buy it] (search #40485)
Diarrhea treatment. A couple a licks will do ya.

Benadryl for Children [buy it]
An antihistamine for the relief from allergies, respiratory ailments, and insect bites. Give 1 to 2 drops orally.

Betadine Scrub [buy it]
A mild iodine germicidal soap to use when cleaning wounds and abscesses.

Bird Collar [buy it] (search #83047)
An Elizabethan collar small enough for a rat.

Blacklight [buy it]
To see if that's blood or porphyrin around your rat's nose and/or eyes. Porphyrin glows, blood doesn't.

Blue-Kote [buy it]
A germicidal/fungicidal spray used for bumblefoot and ringworm.

Compact Makeup Sponge [buy it]
For body/facial cleansing. Reusable

Cotton Makeup Pads [buy it]
Tiny ratty facecloths - disposable

Cotton Swabs [buy it]
Buy the Q-tip brand, I have found the swab end comes off really easy on the cheaper brands. Use to clean wounds and remove specks from around eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Epsom Salt [buy it]
Used for it's drawing out and anti-itch properties.

Face Cloth
To use for moist heat. Dampen and wrap around the self-activated heat pad.

First-Aid Tape [buy it]
Use only if your rat will tolerate bandages. Buy the "ouchless" kind. Used to secure Gauze squares to the coat or skin

Flea Comb [buy it]
A very fine-toothed comb for the coat

For quick rehydration, dilute by half with water. Not suitable for long-term illness: Gatorade information. Or, make your own electrolyte solution.

Gauze Roll - 1" [buy it]
Buy only if your rat will tolerate bandages used to secure gauze squares or poultices in place

Gauze Squares - 1" and 2" [buy it]
Buy only if your rat will tolerate bandages. Used to apply pressure to stop bleeding and to cover wounds

Hand Towel
To wrap injured rat in.

Hospital Cage [make it]
An injured rat may have to be kept separated from it's cage mates.

Humidifier [buy it]
Puts moist warm heat back into the rat room when the air is too dry

Hydrogen Peroxide [buy it]
All purpose cleaner/disinfectant.

Ivermectin [buy it] (Search #27201)
A horse wormer used to treat mites and other coat/skin pests. Use a dose the size of 1/2 of an uncooked grain of white rice. Mix with a favorite food. Give once a week for 3 weeks.

Light Corn Syrup (Karo) [buy it]
To sweeten meds to make them more palatable.

Keyhole Saw [buy it]
No kidding, you may have to cut the bars of your cage to free a trapped rat.

Laxatone [buy it]
If your rat swallows fibers or hair. Give about 1/4 teaspoon.

Linatone [buy it]
An essential fatty acid supplement you can use as a lubricant on dry skin or tails.

Magnifying glass [buy it]
The better to see close up.

Mason Jar (with a tight-fitting lid) [buy it]
Make a "Cold Buddy" with ice
Make a "Warm Buddy" with hot water

Mini Flashlight [buy it]
To put some light on the situation.

Nail clippers for babies [buy it]
Used to clip nails shorter when broken or too long.

Nail clippers for adults (toenail clippers) [buy it]
To trim teeth that are too long or misaligned. Get your vet to show you how it's done.

Natural Tears [buy it]
To flush out the eyes of irritants.

Nolvosan [buy it] (Search#68602)
A gentle wound cleanser that helps prevent infection.

Paper Towel (white only) [buy it]
Initially to be used as the only bedding in the hospital cage of an injured/sick rat, to detect and determine abnormalities in bowel or bladder, bleeding, etc.

Petroleum Jelly [buy it]
My first choice trying to free a trapped rat, among other uses

Pet-Tinic [buy it] (Search#40168-4)
An Iron/Vit B tonic to help prevent "Fading Syndrome" in both rittens and Adult rats.

Rubbing Alcohol [buy it]
To sterilize your metal instruments.

Scissors (safety, round-tip) [buy it]
To cut gauzes, tape, and hair.

Self-activated Chemical Cold Pack [buy it]
To reduce swelling.

Self-activated Chemical Heat Pack [buy it]
To relieve aches and pains.

Skin Glue [buy it] or a good substitute like Krazy Glue Gel [buy it]
For bigger wounds that don't require stitches

Sponge-tipped Envelope moistener
Can be found in office supply stores. Liquids can be put it and dabbed on the rat's body.

Sterilized Water
Sterilize a mason jar as you would for canning. Boil water and let it cool. Pour the water into the jar and seal tightly. Doesn't have to be stored in the fridge. Use for flushing out wounds.

Stethoscope [buy it]
Your vet can teach you how to listen for any abnormalities of your rat's lungs and heart.

Styptic Powder [buy it]
Stops bleeding from superficial wounds and broken nails

Syringes (w/o needles) [buy it] and Medicine droppers (glass and/or plastic) [buy it]
In "ml" or "cc" increments. Used to administer medicines or flush out wounds.

Tea Tree Oil [more info]
First-aid kit in a bottle. Never use TTO straight from the bottle. Dilute 3 drops in 1/4 cup warm water and store in glass bottles only

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment [buy it]
An antibiotic ointment for irritations and infections of the eyes. Follow instructions on the package.

Toothbrush [buy it]
A rat-sized brush. Could make ratty feel good during a first-aid procedure, or a way to find out about it's coat condition.

Toothpicks (flat)
Used administer small amounts of paste medicine, ie. Ivermectin.

Triple Antibiotic Ointment [buy it] (Search #51501)
For those wounds that might get infected

Tube Socks [buy it]
Men's for Large Male Rats. Ladies' for Smaller Female Rats. Baby's for pups and slip over the head

Tweezers (round tip, long) [buy it]
To remove foreign bodies from the body or mouth.

Vet Rx [buy it] ( Search #38801)
Makes breathing easier, relieves nose and head congestion. Apply a drop directly to the top of the nose or in the bedding.

Vet Wrap [buy it]
Wide enough to make a full body cast. Stretchy and sticks to itself. May prevent the rat from irritating itchy spots, large wounds, etc. on it's body.

Wire Cutters [buy it]
Used to free a trapped rat if the keyhole saw doesn't work.

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