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Rats from Kate's Critters Rescue

Varieties, colors, and markings, of the following rats were determined with the help of RatsPacNW Rat Fanciers Club
Unless otherwise stated the rats have Dark/Black eyes

March 13,2005: This was going to be a long, but wonderful, day for us.

I had reserved two boys from Shades of Blue Rattery. They were delivered to me on this day by Deb of DreamQuest Rodent Ranch.

There's the Chocolate boy, but the Dumbo PEW boy was not there. Instead, there was a top-eared PEW. Assuming that I was just confused as to who I had reserved, I took him. I found out later that the Dumbo boy had escaped his cage and was lost somewhere in the SBR home.

These boys stayed home as we continued on our way North, to Saskatoon, to attend a Sask_Exotics meeting at Kate's home.

It was a wonderful meeting and I got to meet Kate's odd assortment of critters. As we sat and talked the SBR boys were passed around and everyone oooed and awed over their beauty and their temperament. A little blue boy fell asleep in my sweater, on my lap. He was so trusting, he snoozed on his back. I fell in love with him, named him "Dark Ice", and now he was mine.

Kate had some baby rats to be rehomed and Tangy couldn't resist me. I couldn't resist her with that personality and that light fawn coloring. I've never before seen a Fawn rat in person.

Tangy KC Tawny Tangerine
aka Tangy (Sounds like Tan Jay)
Born: February 13,2005
Fawn Hooded, Standard-coated, Ruby-eyed, Top-eared, Doe
Personality: Easy-going, gentle, with a wicked sense of humor
Tangy has a very wide stripe, which makes her marking close to, but not quite, Banded.
Tangy has grown into a big, boofy, girl. Very healthy girl, never had a sign of Myco in her life, but sadly in September of 2006 I found 2 tumors on her.
RIP Tangy December 3,2006
Pituitary tumor

RIP ratties can be seen here

Her body held in storage in the freezer, awaiting this day,
Tangy was cremated, her ashes mingled with others,
and returned to me, January 22,2009


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