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The Honey/Molasses Kids
Born May 31,2003

Mom: Hindi
Dad: J'ulian
Grandmother on Dad's Side: B'bet
Grandfather on Dad's Side: Nog
Great Grandmother on Dad's Side: E'lain
Great Grandfather on Dad's Side: Baeli
Great Great Grandmother on Dad's Side: Sage

Accidental litter.
The Beige (Honey) babies were given names starting with "H". The Black (Molasses) babies were given names that started with "M".

Hayley Hayley
Her name means: Hero
aka Haze
Born: May 31,2003
Champagne Veriberk Standard-coated Dumbo Doe
Hayley has red eyes. Hayley is cautious, but curiosity gets the better of her. She loves the art of shirt-diving.
RIP Hayley, July 24,2005
Sick and tired of carrying a large Benign Mammary Tumor

Holly Holly
Her name means: Plant with red berries
aka Halls
Born: May 31,2003
Champagne Veriberk Standard-coated Dumbo Doe
Holly has ruby eyes that look like holly berries, thank goodness, or she would be Hayley's exact twin. Their personalities are the same though and they cling to each other when nervous.
RIP Holly, December 19,2005
I had joined a new group that uses black salve and a tonic to help animals with cancer. Using these products, Holly's tumor and opened up and I discovered it was very much like a grape cluster. Some of the tumors popped out on their own, and the tumor did get smaller...But the tumor bled and I believe this sporadic blood loss, along with the exhaustive treatment, put Holly into shock and she died in her sleep.

Hanna Hanna
Her name means: Warm feelings
aka Hans
Born: May 31,2003
Champagne Self Rex Dumbo Doe
Hanna has red eyes and sports a food color-tipped tail for identifying purposing because she is an identical twin. Hanna is a little more outgoing then her twin, but with a personality like her Standard-coated Champagne sisters.
RIP Hanna, February 25,2005
Chronic Myco

Heidi Heidi
Her name means: Honorable
aka Hides
Born: May 31,2003
Champagne Self Rex Dumbo Doe
Heidi also has red eyes and is Hanna's exact twin. But not in personality. Heidi is a real lap rat and falls asleep while being petted.
RIP Heidi, August 11,2005
Sick and tired of carrying a large mammary tumor. I wish I could say that was true, but in reality, in her debilitated state, Heidi was beat up (murdered) by her brother Howard. During his free-range time Howard chewed into the huge box that was home to Heidi, Melita, and Hindi due to their large tumors. What bothers me even more was that she didn't scream out for help. She just sat there, quietly, taking his abuse. This happened at about 1:30am. Heidi died in my arms, from shock, an hour later

Melita Melita
Her name means: A honey bee
aka Honey
Born: May 31,2003
Mis-marked Black hooded Standard-coated Dumbo with a Head Spot Doe
The head spot is so tiny that it makes up 5 hairs right in the middle of her forehead. Melita has 3 black spots going down her spine and 5 black spots going down the length of her tail
She is a very shy, nervous girl and runs to hide at the least provocation. She reminds me a lot of her Uncle R'yker the way he was as a baby. She flits from place to place, carrying her body low to the ground. However, this same personality has made her a perfect Aunty Rat to babies and her first job was mentor to the SBR rats.
RIP Melita, August 15,2005
Life-long Chronic Myco and sick and tired of carrying a large mammary tumor

Michaela Michaela
Her name means: Close to God, (feminine form of Michael)
aka Mich
Born: May 31,2003
Lilac Irish Standard-coated Top-eared Doe
Michaela has dark ruby eyes. Very independent, bold, quick, and hates to be caught or held. Reminds me of two other Lilac rats I know well, her cousins Shaggi and Wesley. RIP Michaela, March 02,2005
It wasn't her benign mammary tumor, or her chronic myco that brought her life to a premature end. It was my horrific mistake of putting her in with my youngest girls after she had been picked on by her cage mates. I believe that the toenail cut to her abdoman was accidental with a brief tussle with one of the resident girls. All the same, her intestines had been sliced open and Michaela had to be euthanized

Miki Miki (pronounced Mikey)
Her name means: A flower stalk
aka Hey, Miki!, Give it to Miki, she'll eat anything, Mik
Born: May 31,2003
Black Berkshire Standard-coated, Top-eared Doe
Miki is a tom-boy, always seemed to me to be a tom-boy, hence the name. Miki is not the flower, but she certainly is the sturdy stalk that will hold up the flower. Miki is fairly independent and bold, but she is easy to catch and likes be cuddled. Miki is always in heat and very squeeky while in this condition.
RIP Miki, February 10,2005
Sick and tired of carrying a large mammary tumor

Huey Huey
His name means: Bright in mind and spirit
aka Hume
Born: May 31,2003
Champagne Berkshire Standard-coated, Top-eared Buck
Huey has pink eyes. Bold, outgoing, friendly, loves to be held. Huey likes to hold my fingers and investigates my hand with a lot of sniffing, but he doesn't nibble. Very happy, playful boy
April 11,2004 - Huey has a sight head tilt.
RIP Huey, November 03,2004
Malignant Cancer under the ear

Manni Manni
His name means: Little man
aka He Man
Born: May 31,2003
Silvered Black Veriberk Standard-coated, Top-eared Buck
Manni is very nibbly and licky. Very happy, playful boy
RIP Manni, January 26,2005
Pituitary Tumor

Morrie Morrie
His name means: Dark one
aka Mork
Born: May 31,2003
Black Self Standard-coated, Top-eared Buck
Morrie is so dark that the only bits of him that are pink are the tips of his toes, his nose, and the base of his ears. Bold, adventuresome guy, and he loves his mama. Very happy, playful boy
RIP Morri, May 13,2005
Chronic Myco

Howie Howie
His name means: Guardian of home
aka Howard, Howard the Buck
Born: May 31,2003
Champagne Berkshire Standard-coated, Top-eared Buck
Howie has red eyes. Bold, outgoing, friendly, loves to be held. Howie likes to nibble on my fingers. Very happy, playful boy
September 08,2005: Howard has had Myco flare-ups off and on since he reached the age of two. He has the beginnings of hind-end paralysis. After beating up his invalid sister, I don't trust him with other rats so he lives alone and gets momma attention.

Howie (RIP October 30,2005 ----- Ravages of old age) The last of the Honey/Molasses Kids has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

RIP ratties can be seen here

Their bodies held in storage in the freezer, awaiting this day,
the Honey/Molasses Kids were cremated, their ashes mingled,
and returned to me, November 17,2006


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