What Is It That I Do?

I am listed with the Ratster as a "Closed" Rattery. This means that if and when I breed my rats none of the babies leave my home. Both the babies and the adults stay with me for life. I'm still interested in breeding as the professionals do, learning about genetics, and health, and such.

When people in my city are no longer able to care for their pet rats they contact me to see if I will take in their pet. I usually do. I also buy rats from pet stores, and I adopt rats that end up in our local Humane Society. I do not ask for help, monatary or otherwise, to care for these animals, and mine is their last, and forever, home. I am not in the habit of rehoming animals after I take them in.

Rat-Care Expert
I am a rat-care specialist/expert with 12 years of indepth, rat-keeping experience, and research.
I answer questions using common sense and logic, and from the rat's point of view.
Rats are my one true passion/obsession which gives me an insatiable desire to know everything about them, both wild and domestic, and this has been the motivation behind the indepth research done over the years that helps me answer your questions.
I know just about everything about pet rats, and what I don't know, I have many resources that I can rely on.
There's always something new to learn about rats so I keep updated with the latest info.
Please note that updated info may not exist on websites as it is information that is discussed among experts on the pet rat forums.
My expertise lies in their care, health, general knowledge, and behavior, having kept rats as pets since the age of 38.
I am a hobby breeder (pets only, no feeders), rescuer, promoter, and educator.
I am educated and self-taught in conventional and holistic veterinary medicine, specifically for pet rats.
I am well-known and respected in the pet rat community, on the pet rat-only forums (founded/own 4), in my home city, and by individuals via e-mail consultation.
I've enjoyed the company of over 200 rats in the last 12 years. I've seen, heard, and experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of rat-keeping. I have over 50 rats in residence at any given time, and they are teaching me everything ratty.
My knowledge and resources come from my mentors and teachers. The rat-keeping experts, specialists, professional breeders, vets specializing in rats and also own them, vet-techs who own rats, lab techs who own rats, newbies, and oldbies of the rat world, as I continue, with their help, to learn more and more about pet rats.
And the numerous websites found on the internet that are maintained by trusted and reliable rat-loving friends.

You will find the names, "spazrats" and "Spaz Rats" all over the internet, connected to some of the best websites, as I scour the earth in my attempts to educate the public on rats and rat care.


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