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January 07,2002 to October 23,2002
Blue Agouti Husky Standard Doe

Died under tragic circumstances. I thought Diva was pregnant, but her conceiving date was unknown. At the point when it was evident that her due date was well past due, I took to the vet for an emergency C-section to remove what appeared to be dead babies. At the onset of surgery it was found that Diva had Late-Onset Megacolon. There was nothing that could be done to save her life so she was not allowed to wake up from the anesthetic

aka Divvy, Devine
Diva's markings are also referred to as Blazed Berkshire
Diva is the shyer of the two sisters and she has become Bhryn's best friend and mentor. Diva's most endearing quality: She is so spunky and full of wild abandon when she is with her sister. If she's out by herself, she is so sweet and mild.