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deep sadness

The Cupboard Gang
Pregnancy Never Took

Mom (was to be): SPAZ Feta Cheez "Feta"
Pearl Merle Possom Faced Dalmation Velveteen Dumbo Doe
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Father (was to be): SBR Full a' Beans "Beani"
Lightly Silvered Mink Mis-marked Berkshire Top-eared Buck
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September 13,2005: Well, if this isn't the most frustrating breeding I have ever done. Two attempts and still no babies.

July 06,2005: I let Beani and Feta out to free-range together today and then put them in their respective for the night. Upon the initial meeting there was some displaying from both parties.

July 07,2005: Another day of free-ranging and they are getting along fine so tonight I put them together in a large Martin's-style cage.

July 08,2005: Tonight I put them in a smaller cage. Beani is checking to see if Feta is ready to breed. She's not ready tonight.

July 09,2005: They're not sleeping together but they're getting along fine.

July 24,2005: They're sleeping together and interacting like old buddies.

July 27,2005: Due date, but no babies. Feta is deflecting Beani's advances. Maybe she is pregnant, it'll just be a few more days She does look somewhat bigger around the middle. Her mom Brie gave birth and didn't look as big as a baseball.

July 29,2005: Feta really doesn't want Beani's company, and I don't believe she is pregnant. I separated them into their own cages.

August 20,2005: One more time, I let them both out together to free range and, boy oh boy, she was ready for him this time. In all honesty I've only seen a mating once and that mating produced babies. Even the matings that I didn't see produced babies.

Feta acted very male-like in marking her territory and rubbing and rolling along the baseboard. Beani seemed nervous and wary of her, as she would run up to him and display a threatening posture or a, "if looks could kill", glare. Then there was some squeak-less tussles between the two of them, like a mild Alpha War without the blood-letting.

Then she was all girl and began doing the estrus dance. She made him work for it by being coy, hard to get, and running away from him. When he caught up to her she allowed him to mount her. This happened 10 times while I watched. They've been free-ranging together since late yesterday. Surely we have to have babies this time.

Her whole performance seemed like Feta was testing Beani to see if he was man-rat enough to be the father of her children. There was never this performance the first time around. As a matter of fact, I don't think she even liked him. They lived in a cage together but they avoided each other.

September 10,2005: Due date and no babies.

September 13,2005: Beani and Feta are still living together. They make such a cute couple. Feta is 10 months old, and Beani is 9 months old. If Feta has not given me babies by her first year birthday, I'll give up.

In the meantime, I would sure like to know why these matings are not producing babies?

Update: Shortly after the above entry I decided to separate Feta and Beani and put them back into their respective colonies.


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