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Year of the Rat

Year of the bRATS
Born January 21,2008

Mom: Saline
Russian Blue Banded Standard-coated Top-eared Doe
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Father: Unknown

My first litter of 2008 was suppose to be a planned breeding between SPAZ Saline and SPAZ Chubby Skywalker. I had been humming and hawing about this breeding for months, trying to find the right time to put them together. I had been stalling because my last two planned breedings had gone awry when both mothers-suppose-to-be ended up with pyometra resulting in emergency spays to save their lives. In the meantime Saline found one of the boys during a free-range time and she made up my mind for me with this surprise litter. She hid her pregnancy well and I was unaware until the morning of January 21 when, while cleaning rat cages, I heard the all too familiar peeping of newborn rat pups.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm still in shock. I cry because it's not what I planned. I laugh because I've been down emotionally from caring for so many old rats that it's going to be a pick-me-up to have young ones again.

I had to decide whether or not to leave Saline in a communual cage to raise her pups, or move her and the pups to their own cage. Saline looks calm and relaxed, unlike the time when Vanita had her pups in a communual cage. i decided it was best to have Saline raise her pups on her own. I left her and the pups

The bRATS 2 days old

The bRATS 2 days old
The bRATS 1 week old
The bRATS 1 week old


SPAZ Hai (pronounced "Hi", means "Ocean or Sea")
aka: Hello
Born: January 21,2008

Russian Blue, Banded, Standard-coated, Top-eared, Doe

Hai is a sweetheart, that's why I chose her to be the mom of my next litter
RIP Hai February 12,2010
Chronic Myco/Benign Mammary Tumor

SPAZ Min (pronounced "Min", means "Quick or Sensitive")
aka: Minni Moe
Born: January 21,2008

Black, Mis-marked Bareback with a headspot, Standard-coated, Top-eared, Doe

To identify Min from her almost look-a-like Aunty Tu who is one of her cage mates, Min has a black spot on her tummy while Tu doesn't.
RIP Min Min December 11,2009
Benign Mammary Tumor

SPAZ Niu (pronounced "Nee-oo", means "Girl")
aka: NooNoo
Born: January 21,2008

Black, Hooded, Standard-coated, Top-eared, Doe

Niu has an almost perfect dorsal stripe.
RIP Niu February 25,2010
Uterine Tumor

SPAZ Chan (pronounced "Chan", means "Snow")
aka: Chinny Chin Chin
Born: January 21,2008

Himilayan, Standard-coated, Top-eared, Buck

Chan is nippy through the cage bars
RIP Chan September 08,2009
Chronic Myco

SPAZ Chi (pronounced "Chee", means "Young or Energy")
aka: ChooChoo
Born: January 21,2008

Russian Blue, Cap-Stripe, Standard-coated, Top-eared, Buck

Chi has a beautiful V-shaped stripe right down to his bum
RIP Chi October 16,2009
Ravages of old age

SPAZ Jian (pronounced "Jee-an", means "Health or Well-being")
Born: January 21,2008

Black, Mis-marked Hooded, Standard-coated, Dumbo, Buck

Jian has a very wide dorsal stripe
RIP Jian May 16,2009
Chronic Myco
SPAZ San (pronounced "San", means "Three")
aka: Dragon Boy
Born: January 21,2008

Black, mis-marked Hooded, Standard-coated, Dumbo, Buck

San has a zig-zag dorsal stripe and three black spots on his belly
RIP San March 02,2009
Chronic Heart Failure

RIP ratties can be seen here


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